Süreyya Balkan Uyan

She was born in Izmir, TURKEY. She graduated from The Foreign Languages Department of University as an English teacher. She started her studies on Marbling Art in 2005. She has worked with Mr. Serkan ILDEN, who is a faculty member of Fine Art Institute, Department of Traditional Turkish Arts.She is the member of a marbling group EBRİZMİR which is founded by four marbling artists in İzmir,Turkey. She took as a goal to promote and teach the ebru art in the best way she can. She has been working as a teacher of Marbling Art in National Education Center.She has participated in domestic exhibitions in Turkey. Furthermore,She has participated The Exhibition Binder of Art, Artist Book and Paper Decorated 2009, 25th Anniversery, BOOK BINDERS ASSOCIATION OF QUEBEC, Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur in Montreal (international group exhibitions) in Canada... In October, 2009 , she was joined an International Plastic Art Festival in Tunuise.There were 103 artists from 26 country and she left two art works for the museum.
In 2009, as a result of the 15th Turkish National Decoration Arts Contest, one of her work of arts was awarded to be demonstrated by The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism..Some of her art works published on catalogs in her country and abroad.. Based on her assumtion that traditional Turkish arts are with one another, she is continuing her studies in this direction in an effort combine ebru with other parts.


29 Ekim-3 Kasım 2011

İstanbul Modern Sanatlar Müzesi Derneğinin geleneksel ''Ekim Geçidi '' Sergisi   İstanbul Harbiye Askeri Müzesi/Karma Sergi

21 Ekim-4 Kasım2011

 İstanbul Modern Sanatlar Müzesi Derneğinin geleneksel ''Ekim Geçidi ''Sergisi  Ankara Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi/Karma Sergi

19-26 Temmuz 2011 Gelenekten Geleceğe'' Sergisi/İstanbul/Karma Sergi
04-11 .05.2011 I.İzmir Bienali
11-22 Nisan-2011 "Suyun İzinde Ebru Dostluğu'' Ebru Sergisi  Kanada 'dan Lucie Lapierre'in eserleriyle konuk sanatçı olarak katıldığı  Ege Üniversitesi Fen Fakültesi Sergi Salonu
13/03/2010 Afyonkarahisar Kocatepe University Art Gallery Türkiye Sanatı Etkinlik Grubu ''Afyon Exhibition '' ''Buluşma 3''
09/03/2010 Introducing of Traditional Turkish Marbling Art in Atelier for teacher and students from Comenius programme (From Spain,Estonia,Italy and Germany)
5-11/03/2010 Cooperation agreement of Büyükşehir Municipality and Ekam Exhibition and selling productions of women in İzmir İnternational Fair Hall
24/02 /2010 Narlıdere Purlic Education Centre "Introducing of Traditional Turkish Marbling Art and Marbling Art Atelier YeniAsır TV Programme
26/02/2010 Erzurum Atatürk University Art Gallery Türkiye Sanatı Etkinlik Grubu Erzurum Exhibition ''Buluşma 2''
29/01/2010 Yeni Asır TV Narlıdere Public Education Center Courses live programme with trainees for introducing marbling art by workshop
11-30 January 2010 ''Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier 'IKSEV Exhibition ''Dance of the waves with a guest marbling artist from Canada
02-05 December 2009 ''Türkiye Sanatı Etkinlik Grubu''Sivas Exhibition
02-15 November 2009

''Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier 'Izmir Plastic Arts Museum, Konak-İzmir

01-10 October 2009 International Monastir Plastic Arts Festival/TUNUSIA
12-13 May 2009 ''Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier 'Izmir Institute of Technology

''Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier 'Ege University ATATURK Culture Center(IZMIR)


Exhibition Binder Of Art,Artist Books andPaper Decorated/QUEBEC -CANADA

06-08 June 2008

Narlıdere Public Education Center Courses Exhibition(Mixed)
Pension Fund Narlıdere Recreation and Care House

04-06 June 2008

Narlıdere Public Education Center Courses Exhibition(Mixed)
Pension Fund Narlıdere Recreation and Care House

28-30 May 2008

PeninsulaFestival Public Education Centers Mixed Exhibition,Urla/İzmir

05-09 May 2008

''Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier ''Traditional Marbling Exhibition
İzmir Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Hall/İzmir

14-18 April 2008

''Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier ''Traditional Marbling Exhibition
Dokuz Eylül University Sabancı Culture Palace/İzmir

03-12 April 2008

'Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier ''Traditional MarblingExhibition
Dokuz Eylül University Rectorship DESEM Foyer/İzmir

18-25 March 2008 'Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier ''Traditional Marbling Exhibition
İzmir Turkish College-Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa Exhibition Hall
16-23 February 2008

'Ebrizmir Marbling Atelier ''Traditional Marbling Exhibition
(T.C.Armed Forces Command Headquarters for benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation)İzmir Chamber and Industry Exhibition Hall

26 Nov.-07Dec.2007

''Serkan İlden Atelier Marbling Exhibition'',Atatürk Culture Center Exhibition Hall/Narlıdere-İzmir

03-09September 2007

''Serkan İlden Atelier Marbling Exhibition'',Old Church ,Çeşme İzmir

27 August-09 Sept.2007

''Serkan İlden Atelier Marbling Exhibition'',Red Juniper Bird.
Art Gallery,Alaçatı-Çeşme/İzmir

06-13 June 2007

Narlıdere Public Education Center Mixed Courses Exhibition
Public Education Center Exhibition Hall/İzmir

22-27 May 2007 ''Mixed Marbling Exhibition''Atatürk Culture Center,Narlıdere
15-27 May 2007 İzmir''Tradational Turkish Arts Exhibition''(Mixed).Turkish Railway 'Tradational Turkish Arts
08 - 17 Mart 2007

El Sanatları Sergisi (Karma). Buca Belediyesi
Woman Activity Centre Exhibition hall (İzmir)

18 Aralık 2006 Mixed Marbling Exhibition İzmir Ticaret Odası ExhibitionHall in (İzmir)
10 - 20 Ekim 2006

Mixed Marbling Exhibition Özdilek Alışveriş Merkezi Exhibition Hall İnciraltı-İzmir

15 -20Mayıs 2006

Küçükyalı Kız Meslek Lisesi Exhibition and workshop, Küçükyalı (İzmir)

Mavi Piksel